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Sex in video games and fandom this year flourished but, in some cases, that flourishing was suppressed. The Steam store has always had inconsistently applied rules when it comes to including games that contain sex and nudity.

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Big-budget games like The Witcherwhich have full-on sex scenes, seem to make it onto the platform no problem. Smaller games that deal with sex and sexuality, like the work of Robert Yang and visual novels with sex scenes, can have a much harder time getting on Steam or even staying on Steam. In May, some developers received s saying that their games were in danger from being removed from Steam for pornographic contentdespite the games having been on the platform for years.

In July, games with sexually explicit content were being withheld by Valve until the company could release a new set of filtering tools for the store. By August, those tools had still not been released, leaving many developers in limbobut not all of them, as some sexy games were making their way onto the store unabated.

While some of those games did appear to be trying to pass underage characters under the radar, other developers claim that their characters, while in high school, were above the age of consent and that their being over 18 was in fact integral to the plot.

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One consistent experience between most these developers this year is that when they reached out to Valve for clarification or an appeal, they say they received little to no response. Up until December, Tumblr was home to tons of sexy content for many gaming fandoms, from fanart to comics to Source Filmmaker animations, all in a thriving community of artists who were there to get people off. The company then implemented an algorithm that would flag posts that were suspected to be adult content, which has resulted in some hilarious false positives. That is, unless you go wild over Garfield or videos of abstract blurs.

Tumblr placing a blanket ban on pornographic content is really too bad, because places like Tumblr are where things like the Honey Select Unlimited character creator really took off.

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If you search the game on the platform now, not a single post will show up. Back in March, when the demo for the game was released, people were sharing both their sexy and funny creations in the truly wild character creator. Honey Select Unlimited is a sex game, sure, but it also became a vehicle for self expression, or at least, some fun jokes.

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Overwatch again reigned as an incredibly prolific video game fandom. But boy oh boy, did they want to see Hank, the grizzled human detective, and Connor, the twinky android, mashing bits. Ships like HankCon, which run into wild new territories with their source material, are what makes fandom so much fun.

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For the moment, that website is still thriving. Where there is a will to be horny, there is a way. Seems for all their faults that CD: Projekt Red are still the high-water mark with Witcher 3 when it comes to displaying that aspect of human nature, or Naughty Dog with Uncharted 4.

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The A. Year in Review. By Gita Jackson. Screenshot: Mutiny!! Reviews Year in Review.

Video game nudity tumblr

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