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Twist is a mobile microgame from Ketchapp.

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Anyone familiar with Ketchapp games already knows that Twist is likely to revolve around some simple task that is not so simply done. In this case, players must bounce a little marble along rotating platforms of varying length.

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The deceptively difficult game is something that is very easy to pick up and play, but really challenging to do well at. Our Twist tips, cheats and strategies are deed to ensure that every player can start with a basic understanding of some key Twist mechanics.

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Once I realized that Twist utilizes the same sort of mechanics found in Guitar Hero, I was able to view the in a new light. Instead of floating platforms I saw strings of notes that I simply had to tap twice for: once when they began, and once when they ended.

In thinking this way, I also thought up words to say to myself silently that lasted as long as the platforms did, thus aling when it was time to jump. This concept allows you to break the game down into two simple tasks: jump from small platforms and jump from long platforms. You can use whichever words you want to, so long as you stick with words that are one and three syllables respectively. The worst thing you can do in Twist is get angry. Or, obviously if you need to, take a break for awhile and come back to it later. Some of my best runs were my first runs, coming back to the game after a break.

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Since the platforms change color as you play, in my opinion, spending your orbs on alternative marble colors is the best choice. Subscribe to GameZebo.

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Home Walkthroughs, Tips, Cheats. Twist Tips, Cheats and Strategies by. Table of Contents.

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Twist Tips, Cheats and Strategies