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Perverted Education is an erotic game in which the main character, an ordinary student of indeterminate but legal age, is slowly pulled from his ordinary life into the twisted depths of a female-led, submissive lifestyle. The corrupting tutelage of three influential women - his Teacher, Guardian and Therapist - will take him on a gradual, yet life-altering journey of physical and psychological transformation.

The game centers on the themes of forced feminization, corruption, humiliation and submission. A range of other fetish content is also implemented that can be toggled according perverted education tfgames player tastes. While not yet feature or story complete, Perverted Education is a highly mature project with approximately 3 million characters of source code and 50, lines of existing content, continually expanding through perverted education tfgames development.

Important: The new inventory introduced in version 1. You will need to start a new game for the game to work correctly. Version 1. We have a discord for game discussion and bug perverted education tfgames On the screen that perverted education tfgames the 'Let's Get Started' link, scroll down to find the link to activate debug mode. Guides Therapist deviancy:. Get your guardian deviancy to 2, unlocks therapist visits. Perversion 1 - Set on first visit Perversion 2 - Set after you visit and Teacher perversion is at 1 Perversion 3 - Set after the first time you watch the sissy hypno for her experiment Perversion 4 - Set after you repeatedly watch the sissy hypno for her experiment Perversion 5 - Set after yet more sessions watching the sissy hypno for her experiment.

Teacher deviancy:. Perversion 1 - Try to bribe teacher, daring must be at 2 Perversion 2 - Wear a g-string to school. You MUST wear a chastity cage to school now, and you can wear a buttplug for a further discount Perversion 3 - Go to school without masturbating for a few days and check out the girls' locker room when prompted. Chastity cage will now remain locked during the week, and only gets unlocked on weekends if you maintain good behavior. Perversion 4 - Don't wear panties to school. You can get an event where your guardian puts your panties in the wash with hers as a hint to do this.

Perversion 5 - Agree to remain locked in chastity for the weekend Perversion 6 - Pose for the Coach Perversion 7 - Suck off the bullies in the bathroom for a few days, then buy the stun gun and zap them. Perversion 10 - When the teacher gives you the choice of what you want, choose to become the school slut.

Deviancy 9 and 10 for the teacher are from diverging paths. You can go right from 8 to 10 by choosing to become a slut, but I don't think you can become a slut after asking the teacher to get revenge on the bully. Guardian deviancy:. The first two Guardian points can be done in any order. Perversion 1 - Replace your guardian's alarm clock batteries and get caught snooping in her room.

Perversion 2 - Buy an alarm clock and attempt the dream game at perversion 1. Perversion 3 - Can be done at perversion 1 or 2. Wake up on a weekday while wearing women's sleepwear, or work at the guardian's clinic while wearing a dress, or wake up with b cup breasts. Perversion 4 - Anally masturbate with a vibrator requires a locked chastity cage, event only triggers at perversion 3.

Perversion 5 - Fulfill all of the camwhore requests. Perversion 6 - Refuse to give bj to the guardian's boyfriend while doing the maid cleaning and blame him for the activity afterwards. Perversion 7 - Any other choices with guardian's boyfriend. Guardian Minigame Guide You'll know you made the correct decision when you see your guardian 'breathing more deeply,' and you'll see blue text telling you what to do once you've successfully responded to a prompt once.

After a while the text at the top of the screen will prompt you to do a specific action, which you can do regardless of the regular prompt. Coach Minigame Guide The first time you get a prompt in this game the coach tells you which response to give, but after that you have to remember it yourself.

He'll give you specific feedback after each selection to let you know if you made the right choice or not. Our Trello board is our main "To Do" project board, and a good place to follow our plans and progress without having to wait for changelog updates.

It has links to our other tools as well. The latest development version of the code is hosted on our GitHub repository and can be always be downloaded and compiled using Tweego. A relatively recent. Since these are development versions, however, you should expect to encounter bugged and incomplete features, often game-breakingly so. Onoging discussion of the game takes place on the TFGS forum and through the chat channels on our Discord Server invite here. Please report any bugs you discover on the bug-reporting channel for prompt attention.

Cheer side event 6 - The protagonist and his friend from cheerleading visit one of her old hang out spots and encounter someone from her past. Cheer side event 7 - The protagonist accompanies his friend from cheerleading to an event in honor of her mother. Both events should play on wednesdays if you continue advancing the cheerleader story.

Roxy Trophy Wife Ending - The main character decides to marry Roxy, the spunky girl from the electronics shop, and true to Roxy form, the wedding promises to be anything but conventional. Places where new checks for items were causing errors have been corrected. Friend reactions now properly detects if protagonist is wearing a bra gifted by the friend.

Teacher no longer increases tuition after player wears chastity over the weekend for the first time. Restored clothing sidebar.

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Fixed a bug that prevented users from being credited for performing teacher tasks. Fixed an error that caused players to receive the piggy nose when getting anal smoothing. To access the ending, you will need to have most of your body stats breast size, butt size, etc. We have tried to make the scene compatible with shemale mode, so let us know if something is wierd. Backwards compatibility bugs from the version should be resolved. Let us know if anything else comes up. Fixed an issue where players were seeing crossdressing tasks in the bedroom early. Fixed an but that was causing an error to show during the maid talk with therapist.

Fixed an issues with saves made before. Fixed a bug that was preventing players from marrying guardian after asking about her. Guardian Trophy Wife Ending - Wedding bells ring for our protagonist as he finishes his training with a grand ceremony and honeymoon. Not to mention the wedding night. This ending is accessible to anyone who has completed the trophy wife training, has hair longer than the default, and has a perversion level of 5 or greater with guardian.

Friend reaction scenes - Friend now reacts to body modifications on a basic visit. Classic avatar - From here on, we will be including the classic avatar as part of the free update. The classic avatar was deed by a former developer and features most of the clothing options in the game. It is no longer in development, but we wanted to make it available to everyone in celebration of our 1. New clothing for Turquoise avatar subscriber only - Avatar now features sleepwear PJs and nightie and underwear cotton, latex, and lacy panties as well as cotton and latex bras.

Zee avatar subscriber only - For those who skipped the. Fixed an error that prevented the player from taking the bunny ears during the third etiquette lesson. Going commando scene with friend - The main character he over to the friends house going commando, and is swiftly taken on a shopping trip for new undies.

Trophy Wife partner body checks - Text for this scene has been edited to final standards. New Avatar patreon-only - Rookie Cheer uniform, Cheer shoes, Cheer bow, male causal clothes, casual dress, flats, and sneakers have been added for the new avatar. Arousal now increases when awakened by the vibrating alarm in the morning. Fixed a bug that caused the cheer minigame to incorrectly keep track of the of failures. Fixed a bug that caused the cheer minigame to not properly track if the player had found perverted education tfgames body augmentations.

Altered final friend catch-up scene to occur after visiting the park, as intended. Fixed an issue where players were seeing errors regarding the of date counters for partners. Fixed an issue where one of the selections during the bimbo lesson did not link to the next. Poise training remedial lesson - Teacher finally gets her pupil to display some proper posture. All she needed was a little help from restrictive clothing. Bimbo training lessons 1 and 2 - The main character learns how to coordinate her outfits and behave around his future spouse, other superiors, and other submissives.

Perverted education tfgames friend updates - New scenes have been added to the movie hangouts where things get more heated as friend expands their movie library beyond anime. Fixed a of misnamed variables in areas like cheerleading, friend tasks, and others. Players should now be able to get waxing or depilatory treatments when friend begins requiring it.

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Remedial classes now activate if a player has failed 2 of the 3 classes in that track etiquette or poise or under special conditions skipping the party, etc. Fixed an issue that caused the later hangouts to activate much earlier than intended. Fixed an error that was not causing the etiquette classes to be marked as failed when taking the remedial class. We are investigating this. Players have reported that the dance classes cannot be repeated. We are investigating, but so far have not been able to replicate this.

Poise training - Teacher continues training the protagonist in proper feminine movement, this time teaching him walking and partnered dancing.

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Fixed an issue that did not properly register completing the party, causing the teacher to punish the player for missing it even after attending. Fixed an issue that caused an error to display during etiquette lesson party. Remedial classes are not activating exactly as intended as they require the player to not pass the final class to occur. Poise training - Teacher runs perverted education tfgames protagonist through a new minigame deed to teach him the basics of proper feminine posture.

Fixed an issue where the avatar would be naked if wearing the slutty cheerleader uniform. Fixed an issue where players were seeing a black screen after buying shoes. Deportment training final lesson and remedial lesson - Teacher brings you to serve at an exclusive party as a test of your etiquette skills. Fail too many of your etiquette lessons, and she will bring in some extra help to make sure you understand how to properly behave. Added scene with shoe shopkeeper when purchasing flats for the first time.

Perverted education tfgames

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