Newlife adult game

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Search titles only. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Thread starter splendidostrich Start date Aug 28, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Aug 28, 79 9. Hello everyone! I make a text-only adult lifesim game called Newlife - it had a thread in the old forums, but I guess that'll be long gone now. In Newlife, you play as either a woman or a man newlife adult game gets transformed into a woman early on.

You have to make a new life in a nonspecific British city. Work out at the gym, take a dance class and practice for competitions, shop for cute outfits, be asked out on dates, go clubbing, get drunk, meet men, get carried away and have risky sex, accidentally become pregnant The game is still in development, but you can play all the way through to the ending and there's no unimplemented dead-ends.

My goal in making the game is for it to be very replayable, so there's lots of character traits you can take which affect how things pan out. The game very much lets you cede control to the male npcs and let them take charge of what happens. One fetish that gets a lot of detail is impregnation. Your character has a fertility cycle, and can become pregnant if you aren't careful with contraception.

Pregnancy isn't a game-over, and you can carry children to term. Most of the sex scenes are MF, with some minor FF content - more of that will come in the future. I do have a patreon and I offer a few perks to patrons, but the free public version is the full game with all content, not a demo. I'm not going to link to Patreon or ask that you newlife adult game me financially here.

Of course I like it if people who enjoy the game do so, but you should play it first and decide for yourself if I deserve your support. Well, enough typing. I hope you enjoy the game! Magic Ted Forum God Moderator. Aug 26, It's alright. Change how dancing works and give more to do because holy fuck. DaBomb Well-Known Member. Aug 27, 0. OrangeJuice Well-Known Member.

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Aug 30, 6. I can't figure out what combo I need to get the new friend event in 3. I know it has to be a non-boastful friend at least. It takes so long to make friends so I keep trying with the last 6 weeks of one where I've got 2 but don't know if I have the right newlife adult game. I also started over twice trying to get it but only managed to make 1 friend both times and didn't get it in either. Aug 27, The friend, in addition to not being boastful, must be an impregnator. This is a very difficult trait to learn so you'll probably never see it listed without the patron-only Psychic trait.

If it does show up, the description is "He likes to get girls pregnant. You can recognize them by pregnancy related comments, like saying cumming during foreplay would be a waste. A sure-fire way to identify one is to have a virgin PC, having condoms at home, and telling him you're unprotected. An impregnator will say you can't get pregnant from your first time.

The player also needs to be Bitchy, and the relationship strength must not be Bad. Don't think I'm ever going to see that one. That's the point: it's supposed to be a rare event to surprise 'veteran' players. It's worth hunting down, though. I don't have a paid version so it'd probably take hours. Magic Ted said:. Click to expand DaBomb said:. OrangeJuice said:. But that's the new content for 3.

Plus someone has to check for errors. BenLawrence Member.

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Sep 2, 9 0. I've played this game a bunch since I first found it, and I have to say, you've done an excellent job. I'm glad to see that all your hard work has come together so well. BenLawrence said:. Sep 17, 3 0. Great game.

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I am a supporter on patreon. My fav scenes are the one with horse and his friend. I have seen comments about patreon only scenes? Does that just mean stuff in the build we get from there early? Also i have also seen someone mention the porn theater, I have yet to see that scene.

Where is that scene at? I assume newlife adult game the dates. I like that you are adding more submissive type stuff. Best part of the game is the complexity. I like making characters with different stats and seeing the differences. The clothes selection is great. I see you will be adding more then just the club which will be a great addition.

Would love to see random scenes like maybe in a taxi where a guy gets in with you and things happen, or maybe a subway where guys fondle you on the ride like what happens on the dance floor Great job and I also like that its updated regularly. Looking forward to the next update. Hello everyone, the next release should be out in a day or two - I'm currently aiming for Sunday evening.

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Yes, the porn theatre is on dates. There won't be any official rape type stuff because of questionable legality over there. Newlife adult game about a new law? Think that was it anyway. Hello everyone, I've just released a new version of Newlife. The blog post is here. Ah, that's why this one took so long. Chrystal Wynd New Member. Aug 30, 3 0. Excellent game, Splendid Ostrich. Your attention to detail is obvious. Some good stuff here.

What does "get your sport kit" mean for the other new gym scene? You have to be wearing the sport outfit to even get in. Does it mean it has to match? Karretch Well-Known Member. Aug 26, 1, If I'm missing something then apologies, but if this is intended I'm not among your audience. Also bug to report in 3. First game they were all average and second game they were all good looking. Sep 7, Taryana Member. Oct 2, 5 0 SplendidOstrich, thank you so much for all the hard work you do, this game got me hot, your writing is that good. I played your demo and ed right up for your Patreon.

I only have a few questions that I can't seem to find: one, will there be butt play for us little butt sluts?

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I can't wait to see what you will implement next. Your work is astounding.

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This is a request that is raised a lot, but Splendid Ostrich has repeatedly stated they won't implement it as part of the core de. It may still be added as a Prove Me Wrong release I believe it placed second last timebut the next one of those is a year away. Unless a second PMW milestone is re-added, in which it may be less. TL;DR:It's possible in the long run, but don't count on it. Unless Splendid has a change of heart. Taryana said:. Oh, I would never want an author to write what they weren't into or do it solely for pay, but this forum is rife with excellent authors who can.

Who is to say we couldn't finagle newlife adult game to write it for him? Even without one of my primary fetishes in the game it is still great. Of course I prefear the author to do what they feel into it Text in Newlife is very heavily mingled with code, and there would need to be ificant additions beside just the text.

Even if they were given text, even if it were very detailed in what traits and such produce what text, it would still be a ificant investment. Besides, anal is nice, but some further character development would also be good, right?

Newlife adult game

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