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Negligee - Love Stories is the second game of the paradise series. The game was released on September on the Steam store and the Nutaku store. The game system is quite different in its structure: in the title screen, you choose between 4 storylines, each with its own protagonist. The main stories happen before the events of Negligeeand the unlockable epilogues takes place after.

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A series of four stories following a selection of different people connected to the lingerie store 'Negligee'. Karen player.

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Emily in the epilogue. Jasmin player.

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Hannah in the epilogue. Charlotte player. Sophie in the epilogue. Sophie player. Miley aka counsellor. The game comes on steam on 2 versions: uncensored named adult an censored. To uncensor the censored version, you can go on the publisher website.

Guides can be found on the steam community guides. Negligee game in the series.

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Love in the Limelight next game in the series. Model Melissa similar events and characters of Jasmin's storyline for Melissa. Dharker Paradise Games Wiki Explore. Realms Dakimakuras. Characters Realms Dakimakuras. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Negligee - Love Stories. View source.

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History Talk 0. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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Negligee: Love Stories – How To Get All Endings And Achievements