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Anyone who was born before likely remembers the text adventure games of old; thrilling games that were halfway between playing a video game and reading a story. The fact that everything was in text meant that you had to use your imagination to see what everything looked like, and that was part of the charm.

I absolutely loved it! So, naturally, I want to make my own Giantess themed games. And it turns out that I came up with five different ideas, because of course I did. Damn it! Well, I might as well describe them here, and if you like one more than the others please tell me so! The difference is this: Wide means that there are tons of choices but the game is relatively short, which means that that its value comes mainly in repeated plays where different choices are made.

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The main challenge in Long games is to figure out how to get to the end, whereas the main challenge in Wide games is to see how many endings you can find. Setup: You and Sarah have been dating for six months and today is her birthday. She is a short person so you want to give her the gift of power by shrinking yourself down for her!

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Gameplay: This giantess text game one of the widest games I have planned out. You are living in a small house with your boyfriend Mark but the fire has gone out of your relationship. So you have bought a shrink ray and are planning some payback! Gameplay: This is both a shrinking and growth game. In the first stage you must shrink or kill Mark or both to progress. There are at least seven ways to kill Mark, covering all the bases of the fetish, but if you prefer you can just put him in your pocket and carry him along throughout the game.

You can get rid of him immediately, do sexy things to him, or just shrink and ignore him. After the first stage, you leave your house and become a giantess. At this point the game becomes a romp: the goal is to see how much you can destroy and how big you can get. At each size level you will have to find a new power source to use with your shrink ray in order to grow more! You, being the perv that you are, decide to shrink yourself down one night, sneak over, and explore her as she sleeps. There is a lot you can do. But watch out, with each turn Amanda gets closer and closer to waking up, and certain things you do can hasten that process!

If Amanda wakes up you have to run and hide before you get caught! Unless, of course, that is your goal.

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You can also stimulate Amanda and try to get her to cum before she wakes up, or interact with any part of her body in most any way. However, your relationship seems to have lost the spark. One day you are at home when a package arrives: it is from Paige! She sent you a special drink without telling you what it was, but when you drink it you find that it is a shrinking formula! To get to Giantess text game, you have to jump inside her bag so she takes you home.

Or, you can turn to Allie instead. Setup: Mark is walking through the woods when he sees Ellie, a fairy. Ellie is a special kind of fairy that has the power to shrink people! Gameplay: Oh boy. Where to begin? First of all, you can play as either Mark, Ellie, or have a two player alternating mode between both characters or play both yourself.

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First Mark makes a move, then Ellie, and back and forth and so on and so forth. Mark and Ellie each have five possible attributes from which two can be picked. Both Mark and Ellie can be either nice or cruel, sexual or prudish, curious or apathetic towards the other, or any of things based on the decisions made. In certain scenarios you will actually encounter other characters, though it is usually just Mark and Ellie.

There are any of different endings, some good and some bad. Either Mark or Ellie could end up getting killed if they make the wrong choices, or the other person is exceptionally cruel. Either could end up as the slave of the other, or they could end up being friends, lovers, fuck-buddies, or anything else. They can giantess text game ways and never think about each other. This game is as wide open as can be. So those are my ideas.

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If you have a favorite among these ideas, please tell me! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via.

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Giantess text game

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