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Thank you to my Patrons for making this project possible! If you think my hard work is worth at least a dollar, please support me on Patreon! In this project, one plays as a wizard named Bo Wyatt. All of my interactive novels fall under the same story arc, this title, chronologically, is the 6th episode in the series.

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Hope you enjoy this, and please coc tfgames any of my projects you enjoy on here! May 8th Public Release of CoC! My Patreon patrons get my work as early as a month before everyone else. You will need to start a new game because some variables have changed!

I have added a corruption variable, and depending on the choices you make scenes and decisions will be affected. I also have added a wide variety of models in this story in hopes everyone will find at least one woman to focus on. Enjoy the dark depravity! And remember- the more support I get, the quicker I can produce these projects!

While I like to make people have an erotic experience, I also want that experience to be disturbing in a creepy way.

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Avoid this project if any of these fetishes are too much for you to coc tfgames Bo Wyatt had spent his life as a slacker until he happened upon odd dimension known as The Library! Once there, the ancient and mysterious Librarian gave him one of the most powerful grimoires in existence. However, his so-called friend, Ray, has tricked Bo into summoning the Babylonian god, Nergal!

Now Bo finds himself infected by Nergal's corruption, a spiritual virus! To make it worse, he has infected his mother! It is a race against time to see if he can stop the corruption in time, or if he will become the very prophet o Nergal, ushering in a new age of defilement and evil! Play, Cult of Corruption to find out!

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The game is a wonderful corruption game. It has 3 different endings depending on how to play the game and a lot of replay ability. The main issue people might have is the squick factor. Home Community Forum Chat. Quick Search:. Game Information. Discuss this Game.

Version: 2. Cult of Corruption: The Summoning. Latest Reviews - View All Reviews. Review by Megaduck. Review by Cadmea.

Coc tfgames

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