Bubblegum club games arcade

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Does anyone remember going on their website to play the flash games and watch the mini-movies? They were sold as toys at least in the UK which my older sisters had, and they introduced me to the website.

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I have linked some of my favourite mini-movies below, from the WayBack Machine. I like the rocking tunes most of the movies have.

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The last one Bestest Bud really resonates with me, after having lost someone. For some reason, after a certain date, the newer mini-movies refuse to load. There is one called 'Bun Fight' that won't load for me. When the three of them say fire, they each throw a bun at the other. It ends with The Ugly saying: "who's ugly now? I would really like to see it again. It's a shame that we'll probably lose all the games when Flash is discontinued after December The Bubblegum Club website and Bubblegum Bods plushes.

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Bubblegum club games arcade

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